Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gourmet Popcorn Can Make Holiday Seasons Even More Special

Holiday seasons are special times in many people lives, as this season brings the family together. If you want to make this coming holiday season even more special not just for you but also for your love ones as well, better stock up or order in advance Gourmet Popcorn.

What Are Gourmet Popcorn?

These days, there are many ready to eat flavored popcorn available, if you do not want to be bothered with cooking popcorns or you are just tired of the same butter and salt popcorn flavoring then a popcorn flavored differently is the solution.

You do not have to stick to the same flavor all the time, as popcorn have different flavors such as cashew caramel, dark chocolate, jalapeno cheese, rainbow fruit, rocky road and other interesting flavors that are definitely delicious and great for munching any time.

The quality of the popcorn and its crunchiness preserved despite the different flavors, and most of all popped fresh daily. So you do not have to worry about the quality and freshness of the popcorn.

Why Gourmet Popcorn Is Ideal For Holiday Seasons

The different flavors of popcorn can be an interesting topic during get together, it is also ideal if you are having visitors coming. In fact, this Halloween you can give kids something they will enjoy eating while going around your neighborhood rather buying candies or chocolates.

For Christmas, the different colored popcorn is not just good to eat but also wonderful decorations on your kitchen. Actually, you will not just have readymade popcorn to serve family and visitors dropping by announce, but can also give them as gift to your neighbors. In other words, gourmet popcorn is not just for eating but also great for Christmas decor and as a gift.

Take note, if you are planning to give gourmet popcorn to your family or friends, know that they will not be disappointed as these specially made popcorn also comes with beautiful packaging, ideal for the holiday season.

Why Flavored Popcorn Better Than Plain or Buttered Popcorn

Ever since you are growing up, popcorn served either salted or buttered. Now, there are many choices when it comes to flavor and trying them all out will give you a fresh taste on your favorite popcorn. Additionally, you can combine your love for chocolate, cheese or jalapeno since there are popcorns nowadays flavored with your favorite foods.

How Gourmet Popcorn Can Make Your Family Holiday Extra Special

Holiday seasons brings family together, so when you are spending your time with your family watching TV or DVD in the comfort of your home, it is always fun when there is a popcorn to enjoy as well. After all, popcorn has always been part of movie watching tradition by many families, so why not make the popcorn that everyone loves even more enjoyable.

The different flavors are sure to make your movie time even more special, and the delectable taste of the Gourmet Popcorn will surely bond your family closer as you guys enjoy the special popcorn.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

What is Popcorn? What it Can Be!

Hi Folks, now that you know the basics of what is popcorn, I thought I would give you an idea of what it can be! Popcorn done right can be a true Gourmet Popcorn experience. Check out Chocolate Caramel Gourmet Popcorn,  A magical concoction of classic sweet, buttery Caramel Corn generously latticed with super premium rich dark chocolate, with a very high cacao content. Our carefully balanced sweet and bitter Dark Chocolate Caramel Corn will dazzle those tired taste buds and satisfy those chocolate cravings. With all those dark chocolate antioxidants and fiber in the popcorn, it can almost pass this off as health food. 

Here is some Gourmet Popcorn for you football fans, some buffalo wing bleu cheese gourmet popcorn. The Buffalo Wing Popcorn is a sweet buttery base with Cayenne Peppers and other spices for the perfect twang. Our Blue Cheese Popcorn is the perfect complement for dipping the Buffalo Wing and cools the palette with our creamy and delicious Blue Cheese. Now thats some serious Gourmet!

If you dont have the Popcorn Machine or Popcorn Supplies needed to make your own gourmet popcorn, there are lots of options available.

Happy Popping!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What Is Popcorn? The basics!

What is Popcorn? There are five different types of corn, sweet, dent, flint, pod, and popcorn, popcorn being the only corn that pops. Popcorn Kernels range in color from off-white to light gold, to red, black and many colors in between.

When popcorn is popped in a popcorn machine, popcorn takes two basic shapes: snowflake, which pops big and is shaped like a cumulus cloud; and mushroom, which pops into a round ball. The mushroom style popcorn is great for caramel corn ad kettle corn.

What is it about popcorn that makes it pop? The answer is water. The popcorn kernel's general composition is carbohydrate, protein, fat and water. Water is stored in a small circle of soft starch in each kernel. As the kernel is heated, the water heats, builds up pressure and takes up any available room. The harder surface surrounding the starch resists the water pressure for as long as it can. When the outer surface gives way, the water further expands, causing popcorn to explode. The soft starch pops out, the kernel turns inside out, steam inside the kernel is released, and the corn pops.
Proper moisture level is the reason it's important to store popcorn properly. Use an airtight container and store popcorn in a cool cupboard. Stay away from storing popcorn in the refrigerator. Air inside a refrigerator contains very little moisture and can cause the popcorn to dry out.

Thats enough information to get you started for now, we'll be back soon with more helpful information on popcorn, so that you can educate yourself on What Is Popcorn